Welcome to Deeper Connecting, your pathway to a more fulfilling relationship. Our comprehensive workbook and course are designed for couples seeking deeper intimacy and improved communication. No matter the phase of your relationship, our tools are tailored to foster understanding, empathy, and lasting connection.

Tools for Improving Relationships

Welcome to "Deeper Connecting," a transformative journey designed for couples seeking to deepen their emotional connection and strengthen their relationship outside of couple's therapy. This course is grounded in the principles of therapy and wellness, tailored to guide you and your partner through enriching exercises, insightful discussions, and practical strategies for enhancing your bond.

Who is This For?

  • Couples at any stage of their relationship seeking a deeper emotional connection.
  • Partners interested in improving communication and understanding.
  • Those looking to rejuvenate their relationship and rediscover each other.

Topics to Help Couple's Grow Together

Managing Conflict

Discover the art of healthy conflict resolution in relationships with our guide. Learn strategies to approach disagreements constructively, ensuring both partners feel heard and respected. Transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and deeper understanding.

Love Languages

Unlock the secret to lasting connection by understanding your partner's love language. This section explores the five love languages, offering insights into expressing and receiving love in ways that resonate deeply with you and your partner.

Apology Languages

Master the art of effective apologies with our exploration of apology languages. Learn how to express remorse in a way that fosters forgiveness and healing, strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

Connections & Rituals

Build a strong relationship foundation with meaningful connections and rituals. Discover how establishing daily, weekly, and monthly rituals can create a sense of stability and emotional safety, enhancing your bond.

Bids for Connection

Learn how to recognize and respond to your partner's bids for emotional connection. This section offers strategies to nurture your bond through attention, understanding, and responsiveness.

Dates & Bonding Time

Reignite the spark with creative ideas for dates and bonding time. Explore activities that bring joy and closeness, deepening your connection and keeping the romance alive.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Foster open and honest communication by mastering the skill of giving and receiving feedback. Learn techniques to share thoughts and feelings constructively, promoting growth and understanding in your relationship.

Finances and Relationships

Navigate the complexities of finances in relationships with practical advice. Understand how to discuss and manage money matters together, aligning your financial goals and values.

Planning Your Life Together

Chart a shared future with our guide to planning your life together. Set goals, dream together, and create a roadmap for a fulfilling and harmonious life as a couple.

An Intimate Exploration

Deepen your intimacy with guided explorations into each other's desires and needs. Learn to communicate openly about sensitive topics, enhancing trust and connection.

Connection & Pleasure

Explore the dimensions of physical and emotional pleasure in your relationship. Learn how to create a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life, strengthening your connection and affection.

Couple's Check-In Prompts

Keep your relationship strong with regular check-ins. Use our tailored prompts to reflect on your journey, celebrate achievements, and address challenges together.

14 Week Program for Couples to Improve Relationship

The Deeper Connecting curriculum includes 14 weekly foundational sessions. The Deeper Connecting Couple's Workbook includes a 6 week check-in regiment.

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Explore themes like empathetic listening, conflict resolution, and emotional awareness, each designed to enrich your relationship.

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Kira Yakubov Ploshansky, LMFT

Developed by Expert Couples Therapist

Meet, Kira Yakubov Ploshansky, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Co-Founder of Heal Your Roots Wellness, and author of this course and workbook.

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At the heart of Deeper Connecting lies a commitment to enhancing relationship dynamics through proven therapeutic approaches. Our focus extends beyond communication to embrace empathy, mutual respect, and continuous personal growth, all critical for a thriving partnership

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